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Tracy Bachmann | July 11, 2018

Check 1, 2? This thing on?

Welp. That went by quickly! First term is **almost over** and we’re just getting a blog update to our fans. I hope that what we’ve lacked in words we’ve more than made up for in photos?? Please say yes! We’ve had a great time trying to get a good shot of each and every boy out there. And by my count we’ve got around 936 for first term! I think that’s a record.

The end is nigh…Here’s what you need to know.

Friday’s family picnic is gonna be great. We start the festivities at 3:00 p.m. at the Cub/Colt pier with the world famous Army/Navy Water Carnival. Football tournament finals follow, and the picnic starts at 6:00 p.m. on Junior Hill. After we get our fill of cheesy potatoes and ice cream, we’ll gather together for the awards ceremony. It’s rumored to be quite hot on Friday, so come prepared. Of course this is the North Woods, so you might throw a little sweater in the car with you (or you could buy a sweet sweatshirt or water bottle in the camp store before supper!).

If you’re shipping your son’s trunk home…

Please send Caitlyn an email if you will be shipping your son’s trunk home, or if you have any special instructions.


Seriously. We love these boys. They’ve been an awesome bunch, and we sure have loved having them with us. There are so many things they’ll want to tell you about: their trip, the food, their counselors, free time, what they made in crafts, what they tried for the first time, funny things that happened, topics we covered in Sunday Assembly….it goes on and on. And if your child is anything like our kid, the stories will trickle out over the next year, popping up at the most random times. This is the gift of camp, in my honest opinion.¬†Thanks for being bold and brave parents! It’s no small feat to send your child off to camp for the better part of a month.

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