There’s magic in the air the minute you pass through the gates of Camp Highlands. Highlands is a place where your son is able to stretch his legs and his imagination. Where he feels a distinct sense of belonging to a community that has been in existence for more than 113 years. Nature is ever present, and electronics and outside distractions are never missed. Most importantly, it’s a place where you are judged not by how far you can throw a ball, but instead, on how you treat the other guy. And the coolest thing about Camp Highlands? Your son might not even recognize the transformation he’ll have because he’ll be so busy having a blast!

  • Nothing instills confidence like learing to sail.
  • Your son will meet people and make friends with boys from all over the world!
  • Plenty of time to hang out and be a boy

  • Fun is the name of the game

  • Guys find a way to goof off, even in kayaks!
  • There's always something new to explore on the waterfront
  • Taco night = Crazy costumes!
  • Hanging out on the ropes course


Our tuition is all inclusive. Other than travel expenses, camp store purchases and Senior trips ($100), all services and activities are included in one fee. For your convenience, tuition payments may be made over time. Families who pay in full by January 1st receive a $100 credit per boy. Also, there is a brother credit of $50 per week per boy.

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The dates and tuition for 2019
Three week session: June 23 – July 13  |  $3420
Four week session: July 14 – August 10  |  $4560
Seven week session: June 23 – August 10  |  $6800
Friends+Family Camp: August 11 – August 18  |  rates+details

Senior trip fee is $100

  • Brothers spend quality time together on the waters of Plum Lake

  • We teach tennis for all levels

  • There's always someone around to shoot hoops with

  • Goooaaalll!

  • Master the basic canoe strokes

  • The thrill of the adventure course

  • Nine holes of disc golf through camp

  • Practicing water entries in Back Bay

  • Catch some air at free time – skiing is always open

  • Feel the satisfaction of shooting a bullseye

  • Learn how to slalom like a pro

  • We often take campers across the lake to Plum Lake golf course

  • Surf's up!

  • Shoot a bow and arrow

  • The number one growing sport in America – lacrosse!

  • Model rocket club

  • Boys improve baseball skill with excellent instruction

  • Flag football tournament every term

  • Fishing on pristine waters


Your son will participate in every activity, and by the end of the summer he will have had the opportunity to either learn the basics or demonstrate mastery in everything we have to offer, depending on his age and skill level. It’s not unusual for boys to discover a hidden talent for a particular activity or sport, and many boys go on to use the skills they have learned over the summer at home or in school .

We offer: Archery, arts and crafts, baseball, basketball, canoeing, fishing, football, Frisbee golf, golf, kayaking, lacrosse, music, riflery, ropes course, sailing, skin diving, soccer, swimming, tripping program, tennis, track and field, water skiing, wake boarding, wind surfing – and more!


There are four divisions of boys ranging in ages eight to 16. There are usually four to five boys in one of our 26 cabins. Boys are placed in their cabins not only by age, but also by parent request. Care is taken so that your son is carefully placed where we know he will thrive.

Our Divisions:
Cubs: 8-11 year olds, Colts: 11-12 year olds, Juniors: 12-13 year olds, Seniors: 14-16 year olds 

  • You'll feel the magic the minute you drive through the gates
  • Overlooking the boating bay
  • A raft and a slide in the Cub/Colt swim area
  • Camp is located on 33 acres and is surrounded by state-owned land – giving it a very private feel
  • Not so uncommon double rainbows
  • Kayak expedition up Star Creek just around the Point on Plum Lake
  • The Towers on Senior Row, overlook a very private Back Bay
  • A view of the lake as you walk through The Lodge
  • Assembling on Junior Hill, the highest point in camp
  • A glassy lake view from The Office
  • Incredible sunsets every night


Positioned on a peninsula, Camp Highlands sits on the northernmost part of Plum Lake in Sayner, Wisconsin, about seven hours north of Chicago. It’s northerly location and prime position on 33 acres adjacent to the Northern Highlands State forest on Plum Lake makes it the perfect place to be in the summertime. Temperatures are usually between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

We have several fields on which you may play any sport, several common areas, swings to read a book on throughout camp and plenty of places to just hang out. The waters are cool and clean and are the perfect spot in which to swim, kayak, ski, sail and canoe.

Your son will connect with nature all day long. On his way to flag raising he’ll watch the fog lift over the ball field and maybe catch sight of a deer. As he floats on his back in Plum Lake he’ll watch the clouds and bald eagles pass over him. He will fall asleep listening to the trees rustling and the call of the loon.

From all angles, Camp Highlands is a boy’s dreamland.


Safety is our number one concern at Camp Highlands. Trained lifeguards supervise all waterfront activities and we send a lifeguard and First Aid certified staff member on every trip. On site we have a full-time registered nurse, as well our caretaker, Kevin Rassmussen, who is the local fire chief and a paramedic. We take safety seriously.


Highlands puts the new where it counts – in quality, safe equipment. From our ski boats to the Wilderness System kayaks, camp doesn’t skimp on its equipment.

We take pride in our rustic cabins. There is little change from the living arrangements since the early days Highlands. Grandfathers still return to camp to find their names written on our cabin walls. And while our cabins aren’t new, they do provide campers with an authentic North Woods camping experience – no running water or screens on the windows!

Camp Schedule

There’s no life like the Camp Life! Days are scheduled (like you’ll see below), but there’s so much more that happens in a day at camp. Like a flag-football tournament, tie-dying, karaoke, hanging out in the weight room, playing chess or roof ball. The list goes on!

7:30 – Reveille – Wake up, get ready to start your day
8:00 – Breakfast – Eat in the dining hall with your cabin. Pancakes anyone?
8:30-9:15 – Cabin chores – Make your bunk, get your cabin looking great (there could be an inspection)
9:15- 10:15 – First activity period – Determined by request
10:15-11:15 – Second activity period
11:15-12:30 – Instructional Swim and Free time – Read a book, buy a toothbrush at the store, play tether ball…
12:30 – Lunch
1:15-2:30 – Rest Hour – Read, write a postcard home, or rest (you’ll need it!)
2:30-3:30 – Third activity period
3:30-4:30 – Fourth activity period
4:30-6:00 – Free time – Open activities: football tournaments, Frisbee golf tournaments, band practice, water skiing, free swim with the diving towers or just hanging out with friends
6:00 – Dinner
7:00-8:15 – Evening games followed by a dip in the lake
8:30 – Call to quarters – Brush your teeth, get ready for bed
9:00 – Taps – Lights out

  • Our gorgeous dining hall. The back wall features Elsworth and our 17 Honor Camper Qualities.
  • Lois Craig's lasagna has moms asking for the recipe!
  • It's a picnic dinner on Junior Hill. Burgers, salad, veggies, chips and jello and ice-cream cones for dessert!
  • It's kind of awesome to have a birthday at Camp. You get your very own cake to share with your cabin!
  • And the best meal at camp? Turkey Dinner on Sunday, of course! Mmmmm, can't you smell the rolls baking?



Lasagna, French toast, chicken fajitas, turkey dinner, egg casserole, broccoli salad, meatloaf with all the fixings, pancakes…..the list goes on. The food at Highlands is terrific. It’s hot. It’s homemade. It’s delicious. Our chef of more than two decades, Highlands Hall of Famer, Lois Craig keeps our bellies happy and full. Your son will start his day off right with hot or cold cereal, fruit and a hot dish like pancakes or muffins and sausage. Lunch is our big meal of the day – ham, sweet potatoes and cornbread? How about homemade turkey tetrazinni? Roast chicken with broccoli and warm rolls? You can’t really go wrong! And for supper, your son will look forward to meals like soup and subs, pizza or the all famous taco night!

  • Cubbies tossing tennis balls at Games on the Hill.
  • The tension just before the starting gun for the all-camp Steeplechase on the Highlands birthday
  • Another silly Saturday of all-camp activities like karaoke.
  • Seniors show their Navy spirit during the annual Track Meet.
  • Dashing in the Track Meet.
  • Ski show during the end-of-term Water Carnival. What do the flags spell? CAHIBO of course!
  • An all-time favorite at Highlands – all-camp Capture the Flag!
  • We take singing <em>Highlands Loyalty </em>(a.k.a. Camp Highlands We're True to You) seriously during Sunday Night Sing.


All-camp fun

Another way we build community is through all-camp activities. Many of these have been traditions for a century. It’s a fun way for boys to hang out in intergenerational groups, get to know boys from other cabins and enjoy some friendly competition between Army and Navy. All-camp Capture the Flag is an overwhelming favorite and is played several times per session during evening games. The Track Meet, held on the Fourth of July weekend, has a long history dating back to 1917!

Sundays are a special day at Camp starting with Sunday Assembly. It’s a non-religious assembly that provides a time for boys to reflect on and process the amazing experiences they are having at Camp. Counselors and campers are often invited to speak on a topic. Sunday evenings host the world-famous Sunday Night Sing where we gather together in the Clubhouse and are lead by our ancient lantern slide projector and a rousing piano in Camp music classics. The energy during Sing is contagious and even the quietest boy finds himself cheering and singing.

  • Overlooking Lake of the Clouds in the Porcupine Mountains

  • Breakfast at the Cub overnight

  • Trekking through the woods with all that gear on their backs – what an accomplishment!

  • Seniors at the 100 mile hiking trip on Isle Royal

Tripping program

Not only are we active in camp, but we also offer an extensive tripping program based on age and skill. In fact, every boy  will take a trip suited for him. These trips further foster deep connections between your son and the natural world, build confidence, and will challenge him to step outside of his comfort zone.

Through our trained and specialized tripping staff, we offer canoe trips through the Boundary Waters of Minnesota, hiking trips across Isle Royale National Park in Lake Superior, sailing trips in Lake Superior, kayaking in the Apostle Islands – and many more! We have the trip for your boy.