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CH Gallery: Thousands (literally!) of Photos

January 01, 2012

  1. Preserving our history in images is one of the things we love to do at Highlands. From the early days, Doc Monilaw was often behind a camera, capturing incredible images that give us a little glimpse of the past. Tim Bachmann, as many of you know, has been scanning, editing and publishing photos from the 109 summers at Camp. If you haven’t had a chance to check out his books on Blurb, I highly recommend them. The CH Archives are also a great resource for photos.
    In the name of continuing this great tradition, Mike Bachmann is the resident photographer, and has been so for the last few decades. He’s got a great eye and knack for the portrait. Take a look a the “Faces of 2011” gallery to see what I’m talking about. I am so inspired by all those faces that I made them the cover of the CaHiBo this year. It’s a great metaphor for what it takes to make a special summer at Highlands. I’d say it was the BEST summer in current memory. And instead of picking one photo or a few photos to try and capture that magic, we show each face, since each child brings their own special something to Camp. (disclaimer: We really tried our best to get every boy on there. We hope we got it right…?)
    And now, we are posting several hundreds of photos to the gallery on the website. Please email us for a password (for the safety of our campers, we don’t make the galleries public). A couple of my favorites are Mike B. with the intertube on the scooter, Matt Schaible in a cowboy hat with Stella and Evelyn from the “Texas Round Up” day, and a handful of great shots of *my* guys, Judah and Andy. Do you have a favorite? Let us know!
    Thinking ahead to 2012….will your face make the CaHiBo this year? We sure hope so! Until next time, fare thee well!    –Tracy B.