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Open House Informational Meeting

February 02, 2012

  1. You’ve asked for it and we are here to deliver! For anyone in the Chicagoland area interested in finding out more about Camp Highlands for Boys, March 11, 2012 from 2-3 pm at 4040 Linden Ave. in Western Springs, IL, we’ll be hosting a short, but action-packed open house.
    You’ll see last year’s camp videos, meet Mike and Sharon Bachmann, and get a real flavor for who we are – very important when choosing a camp. AND, we have swag! We’ll be raffling off t-shirts and a free store account worth $75.
    And for those folks who’ve already experienced the Highlands magic – this is your chance to tell your friends and families! They’ve heard the mythical stories of Cubbie overnights, paddling the pristine waters of the the North Woods. They’ve seen the pictures of all the awesome friends you’ve made. They’ve heard about Lois’ meatloaf…. So now, invite them to find out more. They will thank you for it!
    For more details and to RSVP, check out the event on Facebook, or just email us. See you there!

  2. Camp is right around the corner

    Gosh, I just checked the Camp website and saw that we only have 138 days until Summer of 2012 officially begins. We here at CH HQ are working hard hiring staff and getting all these campers enrolled! We are excited to have so many familiar faces AND we are thrilled there are lots of new boys joining us. And the enrollments keep rollin’ in!
    So take a look guys, and see if you recognize any names on this list. We have a handful of boys that were unable to come last summer, but are re-joining us this year. Awesome! It really only takes one summer away from CH to realize how awesome camp is! Is your name on this list???

    Henry Alimanestianu
    Davis Altorfer
    Reed Altorfer
    Erik Anderson
    Jack Armstrong
    Mac Astle
    Judah Bachmann
    Lukas Bachmann
    Jacob Bachmann
    Kyle Bachmann
    Garrick Bender
    Marshall Bessey
    Hayden Bingham
    Andy Brown
    Emmett Burnside
    Griffin Butler
    Cole Butzlaff
    Bryce Butzlaff
    Parker Carlson
    Taylor Chadwick
    Mike Clarke
    Zach Coffman
    Charlie Convery
    Patrick Dahlman
    Nathan Dahlman
    Erik Dehkes
    Jack Denison
    Nick Esbeck
    Campbell Esbeck
    Seth Fox
    Brad Gall
    Evan Hammans
    Gavin Hanson
    Logan Harper
    Nate Harris
    Walker Harrison
    David Hodges
    William Hough
    William Kendall
    Kyle Knox
    Andrew Krafft
    Jack Kralovec
    Max Lauster
    Conor Lavin
    Johnathan Lavin
    Graham Letkeman
    Max Lewis
    Drew Lezon
    Nate Lezon
    Tom Lynch
    John Milner
    Nick Morgan
    Brock OÕNeill
    Jack Parker
    Sam Pfeifer
    Adam Pfeifer
    Ben Phalen
    Campbell Phalen
    Graeme Phillips
    Ian Pratt
    Nicolas Price
    Mark Raasch
    Leo Ramirez
    Connor Sanda
    George Schmidt
    Charlie Stearns
    Carter Steinhagen
    Jake Stewart
    Clayton Stewart
    Tom Stott
    Kent Taylor
    Trey Taylor
    Wyatt Verlen
    Jimbo Vermillion
    Mason Werner
    Carson Williams
    Roger Williams
    Ethan Williams
    Lucas Winter
    Evan Winter
    Tristan Worthington
    Johnny Zokovitch