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Forms, Gathering, Camper list – Oh my!

March 03, 2012

  1. Mike and Sharon just texted me a photo from Camp. They were up there this past weekend (luckies!) checking in on things. It’s cold, but from what I can tell, it looks beautiful! And I hear they had special guests, too. Jim and Tyler DiDomenico and family stopped by Highlands to give their friends a tour. I guess Camp is on everyone’s mind!
    What do you need to do before camp starts?
    • Your son needs a current physical (within the year). We need his shot record and physical, or for the physician to fill out the form in the packet.
    • You need to photocopy your son’s insurance card, front and back.
    • Decide on how your son will be traveling to camp. If you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to contact us!
    • You’ll need to fill out the forms that you received in an email from Tracy, or that can be found here on the site. These must be completed by June 1 and mailed back to Camp Highlands, 1319 NW 30th St., Gainesville, FL 32605.
    • Review how Bunk Notes and Bunk Replies work. It’s a great system for corresponding with your son over the summer. It is especially handy for international families. We even have the instructions in Spanish!
    Camp Highlands Informational Gathering

    Inquiring minds want to know! Mike answers parents' questions during the March Gathering.

    Sunday, April 15, from 2 – 3 p.m. at R.J. Bruce’s home, 2330 Peachtree Lane, Northbrook, IL
    We invite you to join us as we introduce new families to Camp Highlands during this informational get-together.
    We will watch some videos from last year, Staffers (including Ross Freeland, Evan O’Brien, The Bachmanns, and some others) will answer any questions folks have about Camp, and we’ll catch up on all the latest CH news.
    This is an easy way for you to introduce some of your friends to the world of Camp Highlands. We would love for you to invite them, or pass their name along so we can let them know about this chance to get the scoop on Highlands.
    Help us spread the word about the magic of Camp Highlands. Even if you aren’t able to make it, it would be awesome if you’d post this event on your Facebook wall in case you have friends and family that might want to attend.
    Please RSVP here or send us an email to confirm you’re coming.
    Camper List (as of 3/28/12)
    The website doesn’t lie. The days just keep ticking down until Camp starts. Check out who’s on this list. Is your name there? It should be!

    Davis Altorfer
    Reed Altorfer
    Erik Anderson
    Jack Armstrong
    Mac Astle
    Judah Bachmann
    Lukas Bachmann
    Jacob Bachmann
    Kyle Bachmann
    Zach Baldwin
    Caleb Banholzer
    Kyle Barker
    Garrick Bender
    Marshall Bessey
    Hayden Bingham
    Andy Brown
    Conor Bulkeley-Krane
    Trevor Bunn
    Jack Burney
    Emmett Burnside
    Cole Butzlaff
    Bryce Butzlaff
    Parker Carlson
    Antonio Carrera
    Taylor Chadwick
    Charles Chapman
    Mike Clarke
    Zach Coffman
    Charlie Convery
    Patrick Dahlman
    Nathan Dahlman
    Jeffrey “J.D.” Davis
    Martin de Guerre
    Erik Dehkes
    Jack Denison
    Tyler DiDomenico
    Ashton DiDonato
    William “Tate” Ellis
    Ben English
    Nick Esbeck
    Campbell Esbeck
    Aidan Fera
    Seth Fox
    Brad Gall
    Otis Grove
    Ty Hallene
    Charlie Hallene
    Evan Hammans
    Gavin Hanson
    Logan Harper
    Nate Harris
    Walker Harrison
    David Hodges
    William Hough
    Lucas Joyal
    Kirien Katzmarek
    Sylvan Katzmarek
    William Kendall
    Zach Klein
    Kyle Knox
    Andrew Krafft
    Jack Kralovec
    Charley Kuesel
    Max Lauster
    Connor Lavin
    Jonathan Lavin
    Graham Letkeman
    Jack Leuba
    Max Lewis
    Jack Lewis
    Drew Lezon
    Nate Lezon
    Camin Long
    Tom Lynch
    Max Maeder
    Peter Magner
    John Milner
    Carter Moore
    Matthew Moran
    Nick Morgan
    Diondre Morris
    Mykel Nayeri
    Tucker Nienhaus
    Logan Nijensohn
    Reece Nijensohn
    Brock O’Neill
    Patricio Palomino
    Jack Parker
    Baylor Parrish
    Sam Pfeifer
    Adam Pfeifer
    Ben Phalen
    Campbell Phalen
    Graeme Phillips
    Ian Pratt
    Nicolas Price
    Evan Price
    Mark Raasch
    Ian Ragsdale
    Charlie Rahr
    Leo Ramirez
    Santiago Ramirez
    Jackson Rench
    Andres Rodrigues
    Augustin Rodriguez Corcuera
    Eduardo Rodriguez Corcuera
    Liam Roeth
    Connor Sanda
    Tom Sarver
    George Schmidt
    Louis Shaw
    Tavenner Smith
    AJ Sorkin
    KC Stanner
    Charlie Stearns
    Carter Steinhagen
    Jake Stewart
    Clayton Stewart
    Tom Stott
    Ace Tanioka
    Kent Taylor
    Trey Taylor
    Wyatt Verlen
    Jimbo Vermillion
    Griffin Wasz
    Mason Werner
    Carson Williams
    Roger Williams
    Ethan Williams
    Lucas Winter
    Evan Winter
    Tristan Worthington
    Casey Zinser
    Johnny Zokovitch