First Day Fun, Food and Friends

June 25, 2019

  • We asked our Cub head counselor, Kent Overbey to do a rain ceremony to keep the weather at bay, and it worked. Yesterday’s predicted thunderstorms held off and today’s forecasted rainy drear has been replaced with a damp, warm, overcast day. 

    The morning started off with our safety talks and general getting-to-know-you tours around camp, but by mid-morning, the boys were at their activities. We’ve already started snapping photos and are posting some goodies on our Instagram Story (grab your favorite millennial to help you if you don’t know what this means).

    The first couple of days of camp are transitional – even for boys who have been here for years, they can be tricky – new friends, old friends, getting back into the swing of things. Lois makes this a little easier on all of us by stacking the deck when it comes to meals. Today’s menu consisted of pancakes for breakfast, chicken tenders for lunch and supper will be homemade turkey soup and sandwiches. Did you know Lois has cooked for us for more than 30 years? She’s in charge of all the meal planning this year and helping her out in the kitchen are Car, Becky, Becca and Caroline. We are so thankful for this team! 

    Other things going on around camp:

    • We have two resident eagles that are stalking a family of merganser ducks
      in the boating bay – stay strong mama and baby ducks!
    • We’ll pass out shirts to the boys tonight so they’ll be ready for Sunday Assembly 
    • Trips are already going out – hiking in the Porkies and more coming right up
    • Wednesday afternoon is Division Day and we’ve cooked up some new things for this summer, stay tuned for updates on that stuff

    I ?CH,

    Tracy B.