Third-generation know-how

Andy Bachmann is a third-generation Highlands director and has been working with kids and their families his entire adult life. Andy runs our summer program, coordinates hiring, and is proud to help usher the next generation of leaders through his leadership training program for our staff. Creating, safe, fun and challenging opportunities for boys and men is his passion.
Contact Andy if: you have questions about your boy’s overall wellbeing during the summer at camp or during the school year at home. He’s known a lot of boys and their families in his 45 years and has a terrific perspective on what it takes to be a Worthwhile Man.

Here to help you and your boy

A U.S. Marine-brat, Tracy Bachmann married into the Highlands family soon after she overheard a 22-year-old Andy reading stories to and playing lullabies on the guitar for his cabin of 11-year-olds when she came to visit one summer a long time ago. Since then, Tracy has taken on the role of communications director. Tracy is passionate about boy’s growth and development and loves talking with parents about the benefits of a summer at camp, the value of free-play, and free-range parenting.
Contact Tracy if: you have questions about registration, packing or travel.