Camp Life

Best summer ever

  • Activities

    Lacrosse and basketball in the morning and skiing and Ultimate in the afternoon. You get to try everything and go back to what you love – again and again!

  • Day in the Life

    While a day at camp varies from time to time, usually we follow this structure. The bugle wakes you up in the morning and tells you when it’s time to move on to the next activity.

  • Food

    We eat three filling meals per day, family-style by cabin. The food at Highlands is terrific. It’s hot, homemade and delicious.

  • Tripping Program

    Highlands offers an extensive tripping program based on age and skill – and is a keystone of the Highlands experience that every boy will take an age-appropriate trip.

  • All Camp Fun

    All-camp activities are a fun way for boys to hang out in intergenerational groups, get to know boys from other cabins.

  • Videos

    Catch Highlands vibes through video.