All Camp Fun

Community is the heart of Camp

  • Better Together

    Community is built through all-camp activities, many of which have been Highlands traditions for more than a century. All-camp activities are a fun way for boys to hang out in intergenerational groups, get to know boys from other cabins and divisions, and enjoy some friendly competition between Army and Navy (our two camp teams).

  • All-Camp Capture the Flag

    Just like it sounds, this epic tradition covers the area from Junior Hill to the Baseball field and boasts unique house rules.

  • Decathlon/TrackMeet

    Held on the Fourth of July weekend, this day has a long history dating back to 1917! Every camper competes in every event, including traditional events like the long jump or 50-yard dash and some new and unique additions like a canoe race and archery competition. 

  • Steeplechase

    To honor Highland’s birthday, we hold this unique event on the second Sunday of second term. It takes place over the course of two hours in the morning and covers nearly every square inch of camp and beyond! Every camper competes in this epic race that incorporates every activity we offer. The culminating events of the water boil and Baker Tent are often some of the most exciting moments of the summer!

  • Theme Days

    Other Saturday camper-pleasers are theme days like Olympics Day, Super Hero Day or Viking Day – take look at past year’s galleries and try and identify the theme days!

  • Sunday Assembly

    Sunday Assembly is a non-religious service that provides a time for boys to reflect on and process the amazing experiences they have at Camp, and what it means to be a Highlands man. Counselors and campers are often invited to speak on a topic. We share ideas on the Honor Camper Qualities and the I’m Third philosophy and learn from one another about what it means to be a worthwhile man. 

  • Sunday Night Sing

    Sunday evenings host our world-famous Sunday Night Sing where we gather together in the Clubhouse and are lead by our ancient lantern slide projector and a rousing piano in Camp music classics. The energy during Sing is contagious and even the quietest boy finds himself cheering and singing.