• Values and Strength-based programming

    The Highlands experience can be summed up by our camp motto: I’m Third–which is putting God (however known to you) first, others second, and yourself third.

    The backbone of our program is our Honor Camper Qualities: Pep, Perseverance, Clean Thoughts/Clean Speech, Honesty, Good Manners, Cleanliness, Dependable, Camp Spirit, Sportsmanship, Responsibility, Generosity, Initiative, Self-control, Consideration, Willingness/Helpfulness, Leadership, Good Fellowship and Humility.

    When boys attend Camp Highlands they will gain confidence by stepping outside of their comfort zones by trying new activities. Campers are challenged by capable staff in each activity and progress is tracked by earning Achievement Credits (ACs).

    Through Highlands’ “Worthwhile Way,” campers learn 21st-century skills that can be difficult to measure or attain in traditional educational settings. Things like cooperation, critical thinking, collaboration, communication, flexibility, leadership, initiative, productivity, and social skills. We do this with a spirit of fun, excitement, adventure, and delight!

    Our goal is to learn to be better, more Worthwhile men in all that we say and do.