Highlands Returns:
The Worthwhile Way

Applying Highlands Values to the Second Half of Life


Highlands alumni in their middle-age years are eligible for our inaugural experience. Sessions are limited to six participants.


Session A: July 10-17
Session B: July 17-24


Participants will live communally in Pinecone cabin in the Highlands Lodge, and will also camp for two nights in the Porcupine Mountains.


$1600 for the week; all food and lodging is included. Transportation to and from Rhinelander Airport (RHI) or Wausau (CWA) can be arranged.


What is Highlands Returns?

Have you ever felt stuck in a middle-aged malaise, wondering if your life amounts to much more than work, produce, and consume livelihood? Are you looking for a spark to rekindle old friendships and reignite a sense of value and worth that can bring a new sense of meaning to your days?

Join us for a reinvigorating week at Camp Highlands, where we will reflect on the values and essential life lessons we learned as young campers in the context of our adult lives.

We invite Camp Highlands alums to join us for a week of discernment, where we will fall back into the rhythms of bugle-call reveille and loon-song lullabies. We will work as a group to assess what has become of our sense of self since our camper days and how we can rekindle the values of Worthwhile living for the following chapters of our lives.

Gathering with leaders Scott Levine, Andy Bachmann, and other Highlands alums, we’ll have guided conversations on living well, honoring our values, rekindling courage, and reframing our vocations to make the most of our lives in this second half. Our days will strike a balance between camaraderie-focused discussion and adventure, with fun always at the fore. We’ll take some of our meals in the Dining Hall, witness the delight of all-camp games, hear some inspiring words at Sunday Assembly, participate in some of our favorite camp activities, and belt out some of those old camp songs at Sunday Night Sing.

Throughout our time together, we’ll reflect on how the Highlands values of consideration, fellowship, dependability, and perseverance have carried through and can newly inspire us. To cap off the week, we’ll embark on a two-night camping trip, reconnecting with the majestic Porcupine Mountains of Michigan.

Join us in rediscovering the Worthwhile values first kindled at camp. As we revisit those fundamental tenets, we’ll reflect on how living by our Highlands’ lessons can infuse our days with renewed purpose and passion. Let the sparks of our formative experiences reignite our middle-aged spirits for the road ahead.