CH Dedicates New Climbing Tower “The Overlook” to Kent Overbey

July 22, 2022

  • Dear Highlands Supporters,

    We’re in the middle of our 118th season here at Highlands, and I’m proud to say that the magic on Plum Lake continues. We have our highest enrollment numbers in years, with both first and second terms “full.” And nearly all our staff is comprised of returnees. How lucky we are!

    We are also lucky, thanks to the generosity and thoughtfulness of so many of you. This year, because of your donations to the Highlands Honor fund, we have improved our beautiful facilities while honoring our history. THANK YOU.

    At Highlands, we’ve been climbing for more than four decades. In 1981, two staff men built our first “Adventure” course. But Kent Overbey oversaw it for the better part of thirty years. Countless young men learned one of our core Highlands values, the “courage of the man who knows that if he will, he can,” thanks to the gruff and loving encouragement of Kent Overbey. He often said, “Confidence expands proportional to the distance from the ground,” to boys as they struggled with their first experiences of climbing and rappelling down our Adventure wall. After 41 years of life lessons and use, it was time to update our facility. And update it we did!

    We are proud to introduce our new climbing wall and zip line, newly dedicated as “The Overlook,” in honor of Kent Overbey’s guidance and leadership for all these years. Thanks to your generous donations, Highlands campers will learn the essential lessons that Kent taught us for decades to come. Thank you for your support.

    Tune in tomorrow, Saturday, July 23, as we celebrate Highlands 118th camping season with our Steeplechase and Birthday Army/Navy Fundraiser. Former Admiral Jim Ott and Former General Loren Shinn will be checking in all day on Instagram and Facebook to encourage our respective teams to out-raise one another for this year’s friendly competition. Please help us spread the word!

    See you tomorrow and go Highlands!