Dinglebat: May 2020 Edition

May 05, 2020

  • New Honor Camper Quality: Patience

    We have all sharpened our skills of patience in the last two months. Heck, maybe we need to add that to our Honor Camper qualities this year in honor of the strangest spring any of us can remember. Camps across the country are waiting to hear the recommendations from the CDC and the American Camping Associations. They’ve promised we should hear from them soon and as soon as we’re able to review the guidelines, synthesize their recommendations, and formulate our summer plan, you will be the first to know, no later than May 22.

    While we don’t have any revelations about this summer to share yet, we do have some Worthwhile things for you and your family to think about, read, watch, create, and discuss this week.

    The Power of Fire

    What is it about staring into a fire? It’s one of the best things about summer at Camp—roasting marshmallows, the Fire of Friendship during Kerchief Ceremony, the water boil during Steeplechase. Did you know we teach boys how to start a one-match fire? We consider it one of those life skills, like knowing how to tie a proper square knot.

    Check out this guy using advanced maneuvers with his cord drill and pump drill. If your boy needs something to occupy his time, set him out to see if he can pull this off. We will all be really impressed!

    We’re going to put Andy Bachmann to the test this week. Can he start a one-match fire? Keep an eye out for him on Instagram and Facebook. It sounds easy, but is it?

    Questions to Ask Your Camper Over Dinner

    “How have you changed over your time at camp?” Or, for the new camper, “How do you think you will grow at camp?”

    What We’re Listening To

    Andy and Tracy are big fans of business-oriented books and lectures. We really enjoyed this interview with Disney CEO, Bob Iger. Our favorite part of the podcast was when he explains that his greatest legacy is knowing that he’s put the right team in place for the future.

    An Anthem for The Great Pause

    This song, “Heavy” by Birdtalk, has been on repeat at the Bachmann house lately. The words “Leave What’s Heavy” resonate with us as we take time to consider what our priorities in life and business are. What are you going to leave behind from your life before C-19? What have you learned about yourself that you’ll carry forward?

    The Power of a Handwritten Note

    At least once a summer someone talks about the power of a handwritten note at Sunday Assembly. The great Sharon Bachmann was the master of the note—they don’t have to be long or fancy. Heck, decent spelling and handwriting are optional! What’s not optional is the intention it takes to put pen to paper, find a stamp, and get it in the mail. We hope you’ll reach out to your friends both young and old in the coming weeks. Email me to get a list of last year’s campers and staff.

    1918 at Camp Highlands

    As you know, 1918 was a devastating year for our country with the end of World War I and the 1918 Flu pandemic. We asked our camp historian, Tim Bachmann if there was anything written about it in the CAHIBO, the camp yearbook. In fact, there was no mention of the epidemic, but there was a long list of Highlands men who served in the Great War. Those who died in combat were noted with an asterisk.

    From Andy: Get out Into the Woods

    In this time of social distancing and quarantine confinement, I’ve found that my saving grace has been getting out to our local parks and greenways and spending some quality time in nature. I’ve always loved getting out into the woods. When I was a counselor one of my favorite activities to teach was Expedition. I loved teaching tree identification and tracking. So here is a challenge to you: can YOU name 5 different trees in your neighborhood? Do you have any white or red pine trees (like we do at camp)? What about maples or birch trees? It is empowering to stretch our brains and our relationships with the natural world. When we know the world around us, we feel a deeper connection to it, and in this time of social separation, we can use all the friends we can get!