Groovin’ at Highlands

July 20, 2019

  • Nearly a week has gone by–time flies when you’re having fun!

    Your boys have been AFTER it. The weather has been largely cooperative, if not entertaining. Last night’s storms had us hanging out on the porches watching the sky. That’s the amazing thing about being unplugged: instead of a screen, we connect with the people and the nature that surrounds us. The winds that swirled up brought with them a quick rainbow and white caps on Plum. Who needs The Bachelor when you’ve got mother nature showing off!?

    Thursday we participated in an Ultimate Frisbee competition with three other boy’s camps. I’m happy to report we dominated that event. Counselors Sam P. and Trey T. are Ultimate superstars and that translates to the boys at Highlands. Not only did we win, we did so with a healthy dose of good fellowship and sportsmanship.

    Wednesday was Division Day. Cubs went on their overnight on a local lake, Colts were out on their 3-day canoe trips (they’re already back with great stories to tell), Juniors went into town to play laser tag and mini-golf. That left the Seniors in camp where we hosted our gal pals from Red Pine. Tradition has the guys and girls participating in an epic scavenger hunt followed by tubing, games, a picnic supper and a dance.

    Do you have a Senior that you haven’t heard from yet? It might be because he’s out on the trail, as we’ve already got boys out on several trips to Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.

    On this chilly Saturday morning, we’re playing “Risk“–an awesome all-camp game of strategy and fun. The weather cooled off significantly today, and while the overcast skies don’t make for the best photographs, we’ll take it after the last few scorching hot days.

    We’re getting excited for the Camp Birthday next Saturday. You’ll want to set your alarms for that one (09:45 CST), we’ll be posting the all-morning event on our Instagram Story.

    The first week is over–that means boys’ nerves have settled a bit, they’re finding their camp legs and making new friends. This week they’ll look forward to earning more Achievement Credits (ACs) and really getting into the Highlands groove.