Fun + Festivities + The 4th

July 07, 2019

  • We’ve had an awesome week here at camp. I would have told you sooner, but alas, nearly the entire Chicagoland area vacations in the north woods, and it appears that all those folks streaming and uploading their Instagram stories has clogged up the ol’ internets! Here’s to hoping things are better this week.

    Here’s the skinny on what’s been going on. Wednesday was Division Day. The Colt cabins were out on their canoe trips, Cubs had an overnight, Juniors played laser tag and mini golf and our Senior division (those that weren’t already on trips) canoed and kayaked down to Sayner to picnic and play football at the park.

    Thursday led several more of our Seniors on their trips to Isle Royal, Boundary Waters and Pictured Rocks leaving camp with mostly younger campers. This is a sweet time at camp when most of the big boys are out and Cubs, Colts and Juniors reign supreme. We had a 4th of July state-to-state competition with five stations around camp including a hysterical event down at Senior pier where boys had to jump into the lake from the towers, swim to the raft where they were given a wooden match and then had to swim with it above water (like the Statue of Liberty! Ha!) to the shore where they received points if the match could be lit. That evening we took a bus into Sayner for a top-notch fireworks display.

    Friday was a sleep-in, since we got back to camp so late on Thursday night, followed by a day of regular activities.

    Saturday, we had an awesome all-camp Theme Day – and you’ll love this, it was called“Camp Risk.” (This mom inserts her raised eyebrows.) But it’s not that kind of Risk. It’s this kind of Risk! Theme days are always popular and we’ll be posting more photos. Two of our most pep-filled counselors, Johnny and Seth cooked it up, but the whole staff participated to make it one of the best theme days I can remember.

    Can you believe that we’re already planning for the end of camp? Next week, Division Day is on Tuesday, Wednesday will be Stunt Night, Thursday is our Kerchief Ceremony and Friday is our banquet dinner. If you haven’t RSVP’d to Friday’s picnic dinner, go ahead and do that now. We just need a head count to make sure there are enough cheesy potatoes!

    We’re squeezing every last bit of fun out of these perfect Wisconsin summer days. How lucky we are!