Built to Last

December 07, 2020

  • We hope this message finds you well in body and spirit at the beginning of this holiday season. We are writing today because we have exciting news to share with you. 

    Tracy and I, as well as the entire Bachmann family, are committed to Camp Highlands’ ongoing success. It is in this spirit we are proud to announce that Camp Highlands for Boys is now Camp Highlands for Boys Foundation, Inc. 

    Camp Highlands for Boys Foundation is our newly formed 501(c)3 non-profit that will ensure the magic of Camp Highlands will endure for future generations. The foundation will serve two purposes. First, we will incorporate our camper scholarship program, the Mike Bachmann Campership, into our management. Through this scholarship, we will steadfastly continue the mission of making it possible for children to experience the gift of camp. (We are grateful to the American Camping Association of Illinois for their stewardship of this fund to date.) 

    Our second purpose is to bolster Highlands’ programs and facilities. While the rustic charm of Highlands is part of what sets us apart, maintaining our facility in a way that is best for our campers and the environment is an ongoing effort. With your support, we will offset the costs of maintaining cabins and buildings, updating tennis courts and athletic fields, improving our bathroom facilities, and updating our equipment.

    An advisory board of five members will oversee the Camp Highlands for Boys Foundation. We are thrilled to announce that Mark Ulfers, Anthony Moore, David “Fuzzy” Zoeller, and Mike Pinney have already agreed to serve on our board. I will continue serving the Foundation as the Executive Director.

    We want to assure you that the traditions and values that have sustained Highlands for 117 years will continue under our leadership. With the help of our board members and YOU, Highlands friends, we can look forward to another century of character-building for boys and men.

    We hope you will join us in celebrating this new adventure and help us secure the future of CHfBF by making a gift to the Highlands Honor fund. All gifts qualify as charitable contributions (under the CARES Act for 2020 only, a taxpayer can make up to a $300 cash donation to a 501(c)3 without itemizing the deduction) and will be used to increase accessibility and enhance the camp and camping experience for generations to come. 

    You may donate online or by mailing a check made out to Camp Highlands for Boys Foundations, Inc. (Please mail checks to our winter address: 1319 NW 30th St., Gainesville, FL, 32605).

    Tracy and I consider ourselves two of the luckiest people on the planet. We have been entrusted as faithful stewards of Camp Highlands, and we intend to remain so for decades to come. We are so fortunate to be able to invite you to join us on this journey. Thank you for your ongoing support of Camp Highlands. 

    Andy Bachmann
    Executive Director
    Camp Highlands for Boys Foundation, Inc.

    PS. We’re trying to reach out to as many Highlands Men (and families) as possible. Can you help us spread the word by sharing this news with your former cabin mates, counselors, and CHOFs of old? Please direct them to the Highlands Alumni Network page, where you–and they–can sign up to receive updates on all that’s happening at camp.